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The Breaking Fate TV Network & Supporting Indie Art!

I've been slowly building on The Breaking Fate TV Network behind the scenes for a few months now. I haven't pushed it very hard with mass promotion yet, as I have been wanting to offer opportunities for independent filmmaker friends to get involved on the network early / free. I have had some great films submitted / added thus far and I'm hoping for more in the coming weeks.

What I don't think they realize is just how much I'm preparing to grow this thing. Digital TV is HUGE right now and growing considerably all the time. Currently shows are available on the web, on mobile devices and can be streamed to Apple TV via Airplay. That is a pretty amazing opportunity to reach viewers as is and it pays filmmakers for every view! We are taking on series, shorts and features in all genres. We are staying true to all independently produced media and putting in a few public domain classics as well that show much of what inspires indie artists today.

Much of my current research (yes, even before the initial push for network promotion as is) is in efforts to move to a larger developer and get a dedicated channel for The Breaking Fate TV Network on Roku media streaming devices in 2015 (if not sooner). This will be a HUGE opportunity for independent filmmakers to compete with main stream media producers. It will offer the opportunity to a return on film investments and even better, it will put the independently produced films in front of viewers around the world to enjoy.

I have a vision for my company Breaking Fate Entertainment(also shared with my other majority shareholders / owners Jason Davis & Wolf McKinney) to see major growth in our brand names all across the board. We build, promote, publish and reward in all media types via departments including Breaking Fate TV,Breaking Fate MagazineBreaking Fate RecordsThe Breaking Fate GirlsBreaking Fate RadioBreaking Fate Publishing and our multi-media film festival series including The Chicago Horror Film FestivalThe Indie Horror Film FestivalLaugh Or Die Comedy FestPrairie State Film FestivalThe Living Dead Film Festival (rebranding to The Dead Walk Fest), The Chicago Paranormal Film FestivalAfterlife Paranormal Conference & Film FestivalThe Fearless 48 Film Festival and the new Smoky Mountain Film Festival.

We have a strategy in place that could see a huge opportunities for Independent artists of all types through cross promotion efforts and awards for outstanding works.

We are unique in that we have been doing all of what we do without any major sponsorships at all. All of our festival events are built on money out of personal pockets mixed with few early ticket sales and huge passion/dedication to the independent arts. For us to survive, we need the support of the people our company aims to support, the Independent artists in all genres/media types, fans of independent art and sponsorship by supporters of independent art.

Please help us in our mission by attending our events (with early ticket purchases when/where possible), submitting your art for consideration of our TV Network / Magazines / Film Festivals / Publishing Company, Supporting your fellow artists by viewing their works at events/wherever published and by getting involved as an artist, fan or sponsor. Help us keep the independent arts alive and in view!

Thank you for taking the time to read and for your support!

Willy Adkins / Breaking Fate Entertainment

*Please like our pages (many linked above), view our websites for each and support independent art of all types (both in and out of our personal networks). /

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