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Help Us Make Our Next Film!!!

"Headline News"


Headline News is a joint effort of 4 people to make a short story come to life on screen! The world premier of this film is going to be part of the 2011 Chicago Horror Film Festival at The Portage Theater! The film makers have known each other for several years and have had the urge to put together a project together for a very long time, and "Headline News" will be the first of several projects the team plans to take on.

Upon completion of the film, we intend to show it at as many festivals as possible. We take pride in our work and have put a lot of effort into making this film something great! We are currently casting the film, and of course getting the funds together to make it happen. Looking further ahead, the 4 film makers are working on another film, a feature length also based on a story by author Michael Kleen. When that project is completed, we plan to distribute the feature length film along with "Headline News" as a DVD extra.


Gerald Brown, a news reporter from the east coast finds himself stuck in a small town community starving for big city news, but finds himself continuously disappointed and annoyed. Then one day Gerald and Karen Jacobs, a journalist in training are sent to Woodbridge Community College to do a story about a cave fungus discovered by the knowledgeable Professor Alfred Zimmerman. What they find is much more then they expect! Find out what the days Headline News in this suspense thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

About the film makers

This film is based on a short story called "Coed Terror in the Ivory Tower of Doom" by Michael Kleen.

Mr. Willy Adkins is the CEO of Spook Show Entertainment and a “jack of all trades” in the entertainment industry. He is well know for his paranormal investigation ventures. Willy founded The Illinois Ghost Hunters, The Paranormal Research Community & Afterlife Paranormal. His paranormal ventures have taken him all over the country. Willy is also known for his life long passion of dark arts and photography. He started taking photos under the name “Deviant Desires Photography“ 15 years ago. The name has grown to be internationally recognized. Present day Willy is staying busy producing, writing and acting in independent film. His first film release, “I Hunt Ghosts” a documentary about ghost hunting is currently available on DVD. He is currently working on a short film called “Headline News” that will mark his debut as a director. Many people in the industry know Willy for his horror hosting experience as the character we call “Mr. Willy”. Looking ahead Willy will be staring in a film bringing his “Mr. Willy” character to film called “Immortal Vengeance – The Chronicles of Mr. Willy“. Willy also prides himself by helping other independent artists (both film and otherwise) get noticed for their art and efforts as producer / director of The Chicago Horror Film Festival & The Indy Horror Film Festival. Whats next for Willy? Well, at the speed he is working the sky is the limit! More info about Willy Adkins on his official website: or IMDb.

Deann Baker is a young up-and-coming filmmaker that's about to graduate from Columbia with a bachelors in Film. She's worked on a variety of films ranging from Main Stream (Public Enemy) to Independent (Portrait). Deann wears all kinds of hats when it comes to being in front and behind the camera. She just finished a supporting role in "And They Call it Puppy Love" as well as looking forward to starring in "Comcast! The Musical." Beyond that she produces, assistant directs, sound mixes, writes, edits, and directs. She's most recognized for her work as an original score composer for Cheese Muffins Productions. Currently she spends her days working at Comma Music/Particle Audio and as an editor for SGA and her nights are dedicated to writing the first draft of "Immortal Vengeance - The Chronicles of Mr. Willy." She looks forward to Headline News as the mixture of passion and determination alone will give this film some life.

Jason Sullivan is the lead writer and casting director for "Headline News." Born and raised in Chicago's western suburbs, Jason wrote his first script while in college, where he also worked briefly as a lighting tech. Both areas were far removed from any curriculum of study he was active in. Since that time, Jason has completed various local screenwriting programs, and has contributed to 5 different full-length scripts. Jason cites small budget films such as "Pi" "Memento" and "The Blair Witch Project" as influences that made him want to become active in film-making. Outside of film-making, Jason works full-time as a financial analyst and plays bass guitar for a Chicago irish folk band.

Curtis Clegg - Bio Coming Soon

What We Need & What You Get

We are casting this film using donated time and talent, however we have many expenses to cover. Location rentals, van rental, equipment and all of the same expenses as any other film production. We will find a way to make this film no matter what, it comes with being very dedicated and serious about your projects. We have set a goal of $1600 for Indiegogo, and an overall goal of $2000 to get this film to look the way we want it to. Anything above and beyond will just give us the ability to help some of the talented people involved with gas to shoot locations and permit us to invest more into better effects for the film itself. Every penny obtained for this film, will go into making it the best film we can possibly make for you to see. Thank you in advance for helping us further our dreams, goals and art.

Other Ways You Can Help

PROMOTE! Its more important then financing! If nobody knows about the film, then thousands of dollars invested into a film don't matter, because nobody will see it! Please send people to our Facebook Page and to our production website! We are still running casting calls for this film, and getting the right people in line to audition for the parts is a huge help as well! But please, tell your friends, your family and even your enemies about what we do!

Finally outside of this film alone, please get out and see independent films! It is a great network of people out there putting everything they have into making a "picture show" for you! Get out and see these awesome movies by so many dedicated and talented individuals!

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