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First Day of Work and Hosting Open Mic...

So I had orientation for my new "day job" today at Exel (2nd largest company in the world).  I am pretty excited about having a "normal" job again.  For someone in the media as much as I am, or "Local Celebrity" as several people have called me, I'm sure not rich!  lol  So, its going to be comforting to have a job to cover the bills again.  I will be working nights, and I suppose that is okay for awhile.  Over time I hope to make my way to a first shift position, but as they say, "get in where you fit in".

My decision to take on this new position has caused me to cancel over a dozen photo shoots and work on rebooking with those people, and I want to thank everyone for having patients with me as I make this new transition.

After work I had a meeting with a seamstress and designer.  My "Mr Willy" character is going to be taking on a couple new looks!  For those who don't know much about "Mr. Willy", he has 2 different styles... One is a vintage and somewhat formally dressed goth romantic and the other style is industrial.  After the meeting, I'm very anxious to see the ideas for the new Mr Willy wardrobe come together.  The new industrial look will be coming soon, and the new romantic will debut at The Indy Horror Film Festival most likely.  Stay tuned for details to come!

Open Mic Monday Night has been quite busy this evening.  It is currently broadcasting live on Limitless Radio with me as your host of course!  Be sure to check it out!  And for those of you wondering, I will still be hosting open mic every Monday even with the new job.  So come out and support the awesome independent artists!

Happy Monday Everyone!

~ W

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