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Serenity of the Smokies Update - Scheduling Concerns Due To Funding Gap

I want to thank everyone who contributed to and/or shared the Serenity of the Smokies indiegogo campaigns. You contributions mean the world to me (as does this project) and I promise you that when finished, you will love what I have spent so many years working hard on.

"When" is the keyword of that phrase right now. I have been racking my brain on this, dieing to get it done. I took some relief in learning that the National Park is now open again. That concours one major obstacle. The other, even greater obstacle is funding it. Unfortunately, I only raised 16% of my much needed funding goal via crowd funding on indiegogo.

The one thing that I still very much need to complete the book & DVD is fall colors. RIGHT NOW is the perfect time to get those images and video footage. I have had myself scheduled to go to the national park to finish what is needed Nov. 5th - 12th. But without funding, or any way of coming up with the funds myself, I am fearing that again I might fall short of my deadline to release the book by this Christmas.

I can not express how much of a personal blow this is on myself. I have felt so confident that now is the time and I will finally get this life long passion project to the finish line to be able to share with friends, family and supporters. But now I'm face to face with the obstical of funding... Its the hardest part of any project for obvious reasons.

I personally contribute to as many projects for other artists as I can every year both financially and with my experience. I know the struggles first hand and certainly want to support others as I have been supported so many times as well. My Indiegogo page will show that I have made almost 4,000 referrals and also 15 personal financial contributions to projects outside of my own. You can expect this to continue every chance I get.

With that said, I have lots to work on. I have to find a way to make this happen or make it up to my contributors and supporters. So, I'm going to bust my ass to figure this out. If I can't get to the national park in November because of lacking funds, I am going to create some kind of media to send to everyone who has supported this project the last several years by the holiday regardless. Something to give you all right now for putting your faith in my art and ability. Something to be able to show and share with family & friends this holiday season. I can not thank you all enough for your support.

In the end, I want to thank everyone for the support they have shown of me chasing my dream of finishing my passion project Serenity of the Smokies. If you have any ideas to help get me to the park this November as planned, I would LOVE to hear them. Nothing would make me happier then getting this completed by years end.

Many thanks ~ Willy Adkins

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