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So friends.. tell me this.. what is it going to take for me to get you to visit our film festival and/or film pages and like it? For example, the upcoming Prairie State Film Festival, I know that more then 109 people on my friends list are involved in independent art and/or film.. but sadly this festival, that is designed to promote independent art of all genres, only has 109 facebook likes... I often wonder if I am wasting my time and energy here...

If you support Independent art, please do the simplest of things that don't cost money.. visit the pages and like them. (regardless of it being our festival/film or someone elses) Then ask your friends to do the same.

When a filmmaker posts a link to a campaign they are running on Kickstarter and/or Indiegogo, did you know that I will literally go check and see if that filmmaker has done the simple task of supporting indie art by liking some of these pages before I will repost and/or contribute to help them out? It is simple a simple formula.. I scratch your back, you scratch mine...

In the indie world, we have to support each other. Beyond that, if your film is accepted to a film festival (I don't care if it is one of our festivals or any of the other thousands out there), don't just attend the festival to see your own film and leave. Show your support for the others in the industry and watch their films as well! You might be surprised at the quality you find, and it could lead to networking with new people you would have never had the chance to meet otherwise.. leading to working together on new projects and GROWTH! This works the same for comedians / bands / etc... Support each other, don't play your set and then leave...

Sorry folks, I can't help but be kind of upset with some of these things... I work night and day trying to find ways for people to support other people.. It is a very tough job, and it really shouldn't have to be. Support doesn't always cost money you know!

Many people think that I am just getting loaded with money by doing what I do for a living.. The sad fact is, I struggle BAD! My partners at SSE work day jobs as I work night and day to keep this going for far less then a fraction of minimum wage. I do what I do for the love of the arts and to help artists get recognized for hard work, effort and talent! You liking any of our film and/or event pages doesn't cost you anything! you liking any of our film and/or event pages doesn't make me any money either! All that it does is show that you support what we are trying to do to help you and your fellow artists.

Did you know that at SSE events when you show up and can't afford the cover, that we will let you in for whatever you can afford or even free? Not much greed there, we understand hard times (hard times is how I live).

One other little fact that people may or may not realize.. We started out as a charity production company. All donated time and talent to help needing charity organizations. A task that we still try desperately hard to do now, but with very little support. Nothing is worse then sending an email to a charity organization that we would like to benefit because we believe in the cause and the need, only to be let down because THEY DON'T EVER REPLY! This is incredibly sad! It can be so hard to give to those who need it simply because they won't respond to an email with the desire to give!

Sorry to dump all of this on you today friends... I am in a bit of a funk relating to all of these issues. We know that we have some die hard supporters out there. We know who you are and appreciate all that you do. But to the rest of you, when you wonder why your film isn't being seen anywhere, or why no so many people are in the theater during your films screening.. Ask yourself these things, "Did I help promote the festival that chose my film out of hundreds of others?", "When was the last time I watched another filmmakers movie?".


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