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Happy 7th Birthday To My Daughter Dixie Belle!

So, today my oldest daughter Dixie Belle turned 7 years old.  Its really an amazing shock to my system.  7 years ago today started the hardest 11 days of my life, as upon being born Dixie Belle had a bacterial infection in her blood and was airlifted from Kishwaukee Community Hospital in Dekalb to Rockford Memorial's NICU where she stayed for nearly 2 weeks (as did I).  She taught me what strength, fear and unconditional love were all about.  For that, she will remain "Daddy's little girl forever".  She came to life and gave me life to care for more then even my own.  I'm so very proud of everything she has accomplished in her 7 years and she never stops amazing me with the things she learns, says and does.  I love you Dixie Belle & Happy Birthday!  ~ Daddy

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