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Respect For Yourself In The Paranormal Industry

Sorry folks... incase you didn't get the memo, I do not deal with "para-drama". And I highly suggest that you all consider taking the positive move away from it. It is a much happier, less stressing world when you don't involve yourself in it and simply turn your head to it.

I love the paranormal.. I love ghost hunting.. And nowhere is there a rule that says you have to deal with the drama to enjoy things of the unknown.

Put on a smile and enjoy yourselves! Remember that to appeal to your own personal interests you don't have to worry about competition because your doing it for yourself not for them.

As you adventure out into the unknown in search of answers, I have 3 basic tools I like to suggest all para-people take with them... 1.) Safety 2.) Morals 3.) Respect.

Happy hunting my paranormal friends!

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