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September 10th, Suicide Awareness Day

Today is Suicide Awareness day... I lost a friend to suicide on Feb. 2nd this year. Depression, mental instability, loneliness and the feeling you have no reason to exist are all very scary things that exist in many of us on a daily basis. Sometimes life feels so much harder then death. Sometime people struggle to find a support system or a friend to care. Sometimes people feel that nobody will care until they are gone (if even then)...

I myself am a person who suffers with many of these issues. Being a guy in the public eye and entertainment business don't shield me from such feelings. Others that work in the industries that I do also know that this is not the case... Its like having 2 million people know who you are, but maybe 2 know who you are (if that makes sense). And on top of it all I have had what was supposed to be my best friend tell me I could shoot myself in the head and she wouldn't care only a couple weeks after the passing of my other friend to suicide... Why is that necessary to say to anyone? Especially without reason..

Many people suggest wearing yellow or writing "love" on your wrist to show your support of those suffering with or lost to these issues... I'm going to ask you to do something else in addition to show your support.. Call a friend you don't often get to talk to... Send a friend a message not because you need something, but because you want to say "hi, how are you"... Skip the handshake and give someone close to you a hug... send someone here on your facebook friends list that you don't really know a message to say "hey, I know you've been on my list awhile and we don't really know each other, so I thought I would say hello and get acquainted"... Beyond medication the human touch through thoughts words and actions are much more powerful. Be good to yourself and be good to each other. ~ Willy

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