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Thinking about starting a daily blog leading to an autobiography...

After speaking to a friend and letting them in on some of my personal history (involving cancer, two daughters, two marriages, traumatic happenings, working in the entertainment industry, etc.. etc..), it was suggested that I write an autobiography to share my experiences with the world.  I mentioned to my friend, that I use to write every day (sometimes multiple times a day) at while I was going through tough times with the ending of my first marriage.

My first wife, her name was Allison.  Allison meant the world to me and I still carry much love in my heart for her and always will.  When she left, much of me left with her and it was very much like the closest person in your life dieing, because for some time she was there.. Everyday.. And she was my everything.  My entire life revolved around her.  I changed so much of me for her, I gave up so many things like hobbies and family time for her... And when I gave up all I had and she decided she needed to leave.. I was then left with what felt like nothing.

To get through this very hard time in my life, I did a few things... First I reinvented myself by picking up hobbies that I had given up during my time with her, like playing drums and photography.  Secondly, I started seeing a therapist to talk about the situation and what I was doing to cope and thirdly I started writing everyday on livejournal and sharing my thoughts, pains, positives and feelings with the world.  This proved to be a very helpful thing for me and lasted for quite awhile before I came to a screeching hult as people I worked with started printing some of the writings and distributing it to many other persons where I worked.  Making mention of some of my work frustrations even got me wrote up..

Present day, I'm in a completely different place.  It has been almost 10 years now.  My divorce with Allison was on March 19th 2004.  I've seen another marriage come and go, cancer, 2 beautiful daughters, a new fiancee, more health trouble, a company, several events and a world of challenges in the 10 years since I stopped writing daily.  It really would make for an interesting book.  So many hard struggles and always trying to find a way to survive.  It would be a book about battle, passion and would show that not all situations in life have a happy ending but most do have a general purpose and something you can learn from.

For now, I'm considering blogging regularly about my day to day happenings to simple keep record of "life" for myself and to open up writing as a therapeutic tool again offering friends to comment in return.  Will it lead to a book?  I can't say for sure... But I'm thinking I will very likely revisit the old livejournal pages to relive my experiences from 10 years ago to aide me in such a decision.

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