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Words and Wisdom By Willy Adkins

Words and Wisdom from Willy Adkins...

DO NOT believe everything you see and/or read in the media, on social media or by word of mouth.

One story told by 2 people become 3 different stories.

Try being INFORMED instead of just OPINIONATED.

Be conscious of peer pressure and be an individual rather then just an image you think others around you wish for you to be.

To respect oneself, you must first learn to respect others.

Learn forgiveness, even when not deserved by another.

Even in the worst of situations try to be optimistic about being optimistic.  In the law of attraction, positive attracts positive.  Be happy and happy will be you.

Believe in your true personal beliefs rather then what others tell you to believe or any organized religion.. Unless your true beliefs are matched of that organized religion.

(A quote I have always embraced) "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter" ~ Dr. Seuss

Trust, Honesty, Respect & Love... Live it, Learn it, Earn it and Feel it.

Have hobbies you truly enjoy & live your true passions... Don't ever give up who you are and what you love to do for anyone... Because if you give up all you have and the person(s) you gave it all up for is suddenly gone, you are left with nothing.

Art is in the eye of the beholder.  Critics will be critics, but if you wish to take a dump in a box and call it art, it is your right.  Don't let society or peers determine your personal tastes.

Don't mold yourself to fit the mainstream, be an individual that makes individuality mainstream.

We often like to honor the dead, I encourage everyone to honor someone living at least once a day with kind works of encouragement and appreciation.  You never know when a simple gesture to the living might be saving them from being the dead.

Don't be a bully, stand up to those who bully others and stand with those who are bullied by others by showing them people with respect for them do exist.

Don't push your personal beliefs on others, share your personal beliefs with others and allow them the individual right to decide their own beliefs.

Don't put down anyone's looks.. It is not a competition and putting others down only makes yourself look ugly.

Respect isn't something you buy, it is something you earn.

I make it a regular practice to tell people they are beautiful at times when they would never expect it.  A boost of self esteem and positive reenforcement can do wonders for people, especially in our society.

The person taking the hit is always stronger then the person throwing the punch.

The ability to win a fight does not make you right.  One of the most annoying things I've ever seen in my life is someone challenging another person to a physical fight over a disagreement...  If I say that blue is blue when you claim that blue is red... Does that mean that if you challenge me to a fist fight, that blue is now red?  Nope...  It only makes you an asshole.

In my line of work I've learned that the only way to survive is to have patience with those who have no patience.  I've also learned that the best people to work with carry this same ability.

Nothing specific triggered this post today, outside of my desire to express many of my personal mindsets and methods to keeping personal sanity.  I hope anyone who reads it might take away a different outlook on how they perceive themselves and/or others.  I hope that it will provide you a positive way to look at tough situations and make you stop and think before acting in a way that might hurt others.  And finally, I hope that it gives you a feeling of peace with yourself with the reward of others noticing and being attracted to your outlook on life.  Much love and be well my beautiful friends. ~ Willy Adkins

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