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Incorporeal Teaser Trailer Released!

Hello my faithful followers! A little post holiday treat that may or may not make you loose your stomach... Check out the newly released trailer for Faux Pas Films latest nightmare Incorporeal! I made a fun cameo in this film, you won't want to miss it!

A tale of an overzealous movie director and his unappreciative leading actress that go on a location scouting mission. What they find will change their lives forever.

Part “found footage” style and part on location filming, this movie will be a departure from previous efforts by the film company.

Starring Heather Dorff, Dylan Cinti, and Mardell Elmer. And a special cameo by Willy Adkins and Lillian Lamour!

 Written and Directed by Michael Wade Johnson. Produced by Faux Pas Films. Music by Christopher Sumrall.

[youtube id="vPyDLUXM4xA"]

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