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Respect For Yourself In The Paranormal Industry

Sorry folks... incase you didn't get the memo, I do not deal with "para-drama". And I highly suggest that you all consider taking the positive move away from it. It is a much happier, less stressing world when you don't involve yourself in it and simply turn your head to it.

I love the paranormal..…

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Production on Gordon Finn Nearly Complete!

I had a great weekend portraying Gordon Finn for Wolf McKinney's directorial debut film. I am highly confident that you will see Wolf continue on to many more films in the directors chair and do so efficiently! When you take on the director role for the first time, you learn quickly just how much of…

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BLOG: My BFE/SSE/TWP Brothers, Past and Present...

Many people don't realize, that Breaking Fate Entertainment is not owned / operated by me alone. The corporation currently has 3 primary shareholders (owners).. Wolf Mckinney(Operations Officer), Jason Davis (Vice President) and Willy Adkins (President). Our "corporate names" really mean nothi…

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Indiegogo Launched for "Gordon Finn" staring Willy Adkins!

Gordon Finn (Willy Adkins) is a murderer sitting in an insane asylum, who for some time has been considered criminally insane after the brutal slaying of Tess Aubrey (Lillian Lamour).  But times have changed and he is going to be examined by Psychologist Dr. Odd (Stewart Ogilvie) who has brought alo…

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People Get Trapped In A Farm House I Use To Live In!

I use to live with my grandparents in an old farmhouse in Maple Park IL for years. Harter Road curves up into the driveway just off of Prichard... Beyond this house Harter is a very rough dirty road known to attract 4x4 enthusiasts...

I miss the old place, but do not miss the winters out there. It …

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Incorporeal Teaser Trailer Released!

Hello my faithful followers! A little post holiday treat that may or may not make you loose your stomach... Check out the newly released trailer for Faux Pas Films latest nightmare Incorporeal! I made a fun cameo in this film, you won't want to miss it!

A tale of an overzealous movie director and h…

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Happy Holidays From Willy Adkins!

I just wanted to wish everyone a very happy holiday season!  For me it isn't a religious time, but more so a time of year to stop and reflect on family, friends and the good things we do have in life.  This is also a time of year I think very often about the not so good things in life.  So, with my …

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BLOG: One of the many challenges of an Indie Director

One major challenge for an Indie Director is several people involved in a project wanting to push their own vision... I embrace the ideas, and very often implement them... But in the end, it is my call & vision as director that needs to be translated to film... And the hard part is how angered some …

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THIS FRIDAY - Willy Adkins & Ursula Bielski's 5th Annual Spirits of the Season Haunted Pub Crawl!


Join Ursula Bielski (Chicago Hauntings, Author of the “Chicago Haunts” series) and Willy Adkins (Spook Show Entertainment and star of the film “I Hunt Ghosts”) as they host the annual Thanksgiving weekend Haunted P…

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Serenity of the Smokies Update - Scheduling Concerns Due To Funding Gap

I want to thank everyone who contributed to and/or shared the Serenity of the Smokies indiegogo campaigns. You contributions mean the world to me (as does this project) and I promise you that when finished, you will love what I have spent so many years working hard on.

"When" is the keyword of that…

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SSE & Nite Cap Present Halloween Havoc 2013!!

Spook Show Entertainment & Nite Cap presents:

< Halloween Havoc!!! >
Sat. October 26th, 2013
21+ / $8 / Screams begin at 10p




Bare Knuckle Conflict:…

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Mr. Willy Hosts Sinister Fate / 4Without / Royal @ Otto’s in Dekalb June 28th!

WE WANT YOU AT THIS BADASS SHOW!! WE EVEN DROPPED THE COVER PRICE TO GIVE YOU MORE DRINKING MONEY!!! Look out Otto’s Dekalb, your about to experience one hell of a show! Sinister Fate - Royal - 4WITHOUT will be burning up the stage courtesy of Spook Show Entertainment!! Mr. Willy Adkins will be ho…

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Willy Adkins & Tina Renee Grace LIVE on Midnight Paranormal Radio TONIGHT!

Tonight I will be joined by good friend / actress Tina Renee Grace as special guests on Midnight Paranormal Radio w/ David Wismer! Tina has worked with me on such film projects as " One Afternoon", " Bacon - The Movie" and the award winning " What They Say"! We will be talking about films, Th…

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Willy Adkins LIVE On Sept. 26th 2012!

Tune in to this Wednesday September 26th as I join Jenny and Chris pm The Valley Ghost Hunting Radio Show!  We will be talking about my upcoming events, my photographic art, films and of course the paranormal!  The show starts at 5pm EST (In my area 4pm CST)!  SEE THE EVENT PA…

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September 10th, Suicide Awareness Day

Today is Suicide Awareness day... I lost a friend to suicide on Feb. 2nd this year. Depression, mental instability, loneliness and the feeling you have no reason to exist are all very scary things that exist in many of us on a daily basis. Sometimes life feels so much harder then death. Sometime peo…

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The "V/H/S" Trailer Has My Attention!!

From Willy Adkins

As a guy who screens horror films for a daily living, I stubble across many trailers for "found footage films".  With that said I have a quote for our friends over at Bloody-Disgusting & Magnolia Pictures... Are you ready for it?  Ok..

"The trailer for V/H/S has peeked my intere…

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Paranormal Interview with Willy Adkins By Freddy Skuban for The WPI Newsletter

Paranormal Interview

Willy Adkins

By: Freddy Skuban, Investigator, WPI Case Manager

First of all, for those who don’t know you, who is Willy Adkins and what does he do?

I’m a producer, promoter and talent manager for Spook Show Entertainment, as well as a paranormal investigator with Illinois Gho…

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Willy Adkins on Ghost Hunting Evidence & Presentation

[caption id="attachment_339" align="alignleft" width="499"] Although due to patient confidentiality I cannot tell you where these photos were taken, I can say the these photos were captured from a digital video of a sleep study. The ghost enters from the right and exits stage left. To me they are in…

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Meet Willy Adkins This Weekend At The Mid-South Con!

The 2012 Mid-South Paranormal Convention

Spook Show Entertainment's own Willy Adkins confirmed as a guest at

The 2012 Mid-South Paranormal Convention!

Other guests include Keith Age, The Booth Brothers, Troy Taylor, Aron Houdini, Chris Fleming, Patr…

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So friends.. tell me this.. what is it going to take for me to get you to visit our film festival and/or film pages and like it? For example, the upcoming Prairie State Film Festival, I know that more then 109 people on my friends list are involved in independent art and/or film.. but sadly this fe…

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