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Goodbye Illinois... Closing shop for a week to move.

Well... I am officially out of time in regards to any further Breaking Fate Entertainment work for one week... I am short on a couple things I REALLY wanted to have done and that may or may not effect pending deals... In the end, all I can do is take a deep breath and accept that whatever will be, will be.

Outside of some promotions I have have scheduled to automatically post for me this week, I will be much less available on Facebook / the web for the next week while I move. Thank you all for your patience.

Some quick updates and various status's I would be sharing with you..

All film selections for The Prairie State Film Festival have been made. None of them have been promoted, but if you want to get a sneak peek at the films showing, visit the official website site and click on the schedule link. Many awesome films from Illinois and beyond! Award winning actorMichael Wexler is going to be our host for this fun event July 12th! Tickets and Vendor Tables available! (ONLY $30 FOR A TABLE!)

Our next scheduled film festival is The Laugh Or Die Comedy Fest June 20th - 22nd in Chicago. The event will be hosted by Actress/Model Anita Nicole Brown. All films & schedule have been announced on the official website, however we still have some comedian bookings and after hours band bookings to finish up. Tickets & Vendor Tables Available!

I have a few things up my sleeve for The Chicago Horror Film Festival this year, more details to come after this week! You can get a vendor table for a HUGE discount if you act before Thursday! Visit the site now to get yours before the largest savings we have ever offered are gone!

Ursula Bielski and I have been working on some AMAZING guests forAfterlife Paranormal Conference & Film Festival (For those who don't know, this is a join production of both The Chicago Ghost Conference andThe Chicago Paranormal Film Festival). The event takes place Nov. 21st - 23rd. Tickets and Vendor Tables just went on sale today! Get yours early, as we highly expect to sell it out.

I'm excited to say that What In The Sam Hill is a wrap. Special thanks toMichael Schmid for taking on the lead role and putting in the extra effort to help me get production finished. Huge thanks to all involved, and a special shout out to Wolf McKinney who proved just how funny it will be by literally laughing himself into the emergency room.

Once I get relocated, I have a lot of editing to do including a couple actor reels, Gordon Finn, What in the Sam Hill, Spilt BloodSinister Fate: Zombie Bomb and more. I plan to hit it hard and finish loose ends up before I start preproduction on my first TN produced short called Did I Scare You slated to star Ann Sheehan and Michael Wade Johnson (Faux Pas)... The 2nd TN film will be The Greenies, likely in late Fall.

Also just confirmed that Wolf Mckinney and I will be joining Jc Rositas and his team on an investigation at The Waverly Hills Sanatorium in late July. I've been to Waverly a few times, and look forward to enjoying a couple nights there with people I respect.

Finally, my ultimate goals for this year are to finish Serenity of the Smokies (shouldn't be hard not that I will be living there) and getting back on the road to finishing production on Sister of the Wolf.

Well, that is it my friends... For those who actually took the time to read all of the above, many thanks! And thanks to all of my Chicagoland / Northern Illinois area friends and colleagues for providing so many awesome memories and artistic collaborations with me. I'll see you all at the movies!


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