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BLOG: One of the many challenges of an Indie Director

One major challenge for an Indie Director is several people involved in a project wanting to push their own vision... I embrace the ideas, and very often implement them... But in the end, it is my call & vision as director that needs to be translated to film... And the hard part is how angered some will get if I don't use the vision that other individual expresses. To those who are frustrated by this, I highly suggest putting together a film to direct yourself to help vent your own creative visions.  If creative control is something you want to do, then get in a position to do it! If your vision is amazing in your mind, it will very likely be amazing if you build something with it. With that in mind, please keep your temper, understand and respect that when your working with someone else who is directing, that it is their vision you are trying to bring to life in whatever role you have on or off screen.

Just random words of insight and thought based on things I encounter on a nearly daily basis. I love to escape the directors chair to acting every so often myself, just so I can concentrate on bringing someone else's vision to life and putting the stress of relating all that to others out of mind. I find versatility to be highly helpful in what we do.

Keep creative my friends!

~ Willy Adkins

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