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Production on Gordon Finn Nearly Complete!

I had a great weekend portraying Gordon Finn for Wolf McKinney's directorial debut film. I am highly confident that you will see Wolf continue on to many more films in the directors chair and do so efficiently! When you take on the director role for the first time, you learn quickly just how much of a job it really is. It comes with much passion, emotion, frustration, laughter and sometimes tears. Its like raising your child to be just the person you want them to be... And the emotions involved in bringing your vision to life can take the same tole on you. In the end, you find you faced many battles, frustrations, good times and bad... But you see what you raised and all the hardships disappear and your left as the proud parent of something great. For Wolf Mckinney, Gordon Finn is that film and I'm honored to be a part in it.

The weekend was filled with some of the most fun and talented people. Ann Sheehan played an amazing Ally Henderson, Stewart Ogilvie puts the "odd" in Dr. Odd perfectly, Lillian Lamour (aka Jenny Diamico) is a very dedicated actress who portrayed Tess Aubrey wonderfully. Other amazing people on this project included Myke Wilson (director of photography), Dana Mc Donald (stills), Mykal J Alexander Rodriguez (PA, key awesomeness), Michael Schmid (Bouncer), Harold Dennis (Bouncer), Dave Sheehan (PA/Bar Patron), Dragon Alexander (First AD / Bar Patron with wicked awesome bandana), Jennifer Arguello (Sexy Bartender), Richard Esteras (Guard), C Dozer Ligeikis (Guard) and a huge shout out to Kevin Bui for providing such an awesome, well written story to bring to life and Jason Davis for the revision to make the awesome story fit our resources.

Next Sunday will be the final day of production. It will feature Andy Schatner, Chase Zawilinski and Kylie Sullivan!

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