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2010 Afterlife Paranormal Conference Names Released

Willy Adkins - Afterlife Paranromal Well, I released most of them today anyway...  I am still waiting on one more confirmation.  I hope to hear from that person in the next couple days or I will just be forced to give the spot to someone else.  Regardless, I'm very happy with the list of names we have selected for this event..  They Are: Vince Wilson, Jeff Belanger, Dale Kaczmarek, George Hawrylenko, Ursula Bielski and myself of course.  I have to thank Chad Griffiths and Amanda Schuvie for joining the 2010 Production Team!  We have already been very hard at work planning out the 2011 conference as well!  But before we get to far ahead of ourselves.. here is some of what is in store for this years event!

Friday Aug. 13th we are going to have a paranormal meet & greet & swap meat!  Basically filling The House Cafe with vendor tables to people can bring in equipment to sell and/or trade!  Also have areas to visit and get to know the other investigators!  The few who have heard about this so far have been very excited about it and feel it will make for a great opening to the weekend!  Then those who get one of the very limited tickets, will get the opportunity to investigate The Independent Rock Barn!  Non investigation ticket holders will be able to hang out and enjoy further socializing and most likely live Music!  Going to be a great night!

Saturday the conference will feature all of the speakers mentioned above!  A lot to see listen to and learn during Saturdays presentations.  Saturday late night will feature live entertainment and a Haunted Tour & Investigations for ticket holders at The Historic Egyptian Theatre!

That is details thus far.  I truly hope to see lots of people there.  For the most up to date details watch the official website:

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